Should I Buy a Nail Polish Set?

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You may have seen a nail polish set in a store and wondered if it was worth the purchase. In each set, you can receive nail polishes in various colors without having to purchase them individually. Before you buy a set or pass it up, consider first which would be more advantageous for you.

A nail polish set can include a variety of nail polish colors, some of which you may not even like. Review the purchase and decide if it is worth it to pay money for a set that you may only partially like. If the majority are colors that you would wear, the purchase may be worth it. If you would not wear the majority of the colors, it is probably better if you pass on it.

Most nail polish sets will come in complementary colors. Some come in French manicure colors and others come in shades of the same color, for example, various shades of red. Instead of having to buy separate nail polishes, your search can be easy as you can find the perfect shades you are looking for all in one nail polish set.


You will most likely be able to buy a nail polish set for less money than if you had purchased each nail polish individually. Instead of paying $4 US Dollars (USD) per bottle, it could work out that with the set you would only pay $3 US Dollars (USD) per bottle. While it may not seem like a substantial price difference, every little bit of money saved can be a good thing.

Many nail polish sets come with a case that you can keep them in. It provides something to store them in at home where you can keep them all in one spot. The case is also convenient to carry them in if you are taking the nail polish during travel. Depending on how nice the case is, you may end up paying a few dollars more than if you had purchased a set that did not come with a case.

There can be many advantages to buying a nail polish set if you get full use out of it. If you never wear the colors because you forgot you had them or you just do not like them, you can be wasting quite a bit of money. Before you make your purchase, decide how often you are going to wear the nail polish and how worth it you really think it is.



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