What is Color Changing Nail Polish?

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Color changing nail polish is a kind of nail varnish that changes in color when it is exposed either to sunlight or changes in temperature. It is generally considered to be a trendy kind of nail polish and, as such, it is usually available in trendy rather than classic colors. Although there are a few varieties that change between classic colors such as pink and ivory, most change between colors like royal blue, magenta, kelly green, and yellow. In most cases, the polish will change only between two colors: the color that appears on the nail when it is first applied, and the color that it changes to when it is exposed to heat or sunlight.

Instead of simply changing one time from the original color the the new one when exposed to heat or with direct sunlight, color changing nail polish will return to its original color when the environment changes. The colors shift in much the same way that they do in a mood ring.


This kind of nail polish is not nearly as popular as regular, one color nail polish. Part of this may have to do with the fact that many people prefer to wear more traditional colors, especially as there are a number of professional settings in which wild nail polish colors like peacock blue and neon orange are not acceptable. There are a number of beauty supply retailers and even some well-stocked pharmacies and drug stores that do sell color changing nail polish, however, and there are some salons that include it among the array of polishes that can be chosen for manicures and pedicures.

Color changing nail polish is usually slightly more expensive than regular nail polish, though the difference in price is usually not exorbitant. Some pricier brands may cost double what regular polish costs per bottle.



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We used to use the shopping channels Special Fx Fickles line by united beauty products. They disappeared off the face of the earth for a while but there is a website selling them in the UK.

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