How do I Choose the Best Low Back Pain Management?

Most people will experience some form of back pain throughout their lives, but not everyone lives with chronic pain that will necessitate low back pain management on a regular basis. A variety of conditions can cause chronic low back pain, and identifying those causes first can help you choose the best low back pain management strategies. Common causes of low back pain include herniated discs in the spine, weak or poorly conditioned muscles in the back, spinal deformities, chronic sciatica, and even some forms of arthritis. Determine what is causing your pain and you will be well on your way to discovering the best low back pain management techniques.

In just about all instances of low back pain, the best low back pain management will include a core workout. Such a workout focuses on the core muscles, which include the lower back muscles, stomach muscles, groin muscles, and hip muscles. These groups of muscles are responsible for adequately supporting the spine and preventing injury, so conditioning these muscles to not only become stronger, but also to become more flexible and responsive, can help prevent future back pain and even alleviate current back pain. Frequent stretching can also help muscles from tightening up, thereby affecting the position of the spine. Stretching should be done daily, and a core workout should be done a few times a week.


Some effective low back pain management strategies include the use of medications such as painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. While these are effective short-term solutions, they do little to prevent the pain from occurring in the future, and they can lead to other health issues if taken too often. Painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs should only be taken with a doctor's recommendation and for a relatively short period of time, and such drugs should be combined with other low back pain management measures.

Physical therapy, massage therapy, and chiropractic care are all possibilities for low back pain management, and different people will respond differently to each treatment. A visit to a chiropractor is generally inexpensive and is sometimes covered by insurance; some people will feel relief after a visit, while others may feel worse pain. Massage therapy is relaxing and very effective for some people, and it is generally less expensive than a visit to a chiropractor; this is a good choice even if it does not end up solving your low back problems permanently, since a massage is a relaxing way to spend an hour anyway. Physical therapy may be recommended by a doctor; the sessions often focus on correcting bad habits that lead to back pain and reconditioning muscles and joints to function properly.



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