What is the Best Low Back Pain Relief?

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Low back pain relief is often a long and elusive process, but there are some simple steps to get some quick relief, leading to long-term relief. Part of the problem of finding effective low back pain relief, however, is the fact that you must first determine what is causing your lower back pain. This should be done by a doctor or physical therapist. Once you have determined what is causing your pain, you can begin to treat it more effectively. Treatment should be done with the assistance of a doctor.

For at-home low back pain relief, you might consider some simple stretches. Low back pain is often caused by compression of the spine, and stretching out your spine can lead to some immediate relief. Try sitting in a hardback chair, crossing your arms across your chest, and lowering your upper body until it meets with your knees. Don't worry if you can't go all the way down; stretch as far as you can to effectively stretch out your spine. Don't overdo it! If your pain worsens, stop the activity.


Yoga can also be a great way to attain low back pain relief. Yoga is a series of stretches and breathing methods that relax the body and stretch key muscles. You may discover that your lower back pain relief happens when you stretch out your hamstrings or your thighs. You may also find that stretching your lower back does nothing to bring you low back pain relief, but stretching your shoulders and arms does.

While medications can be used to attain low back pain relief, it would be wise to consult a doctor before using anything stronger than aspirin. If you are using aspirin or acetaminophen regularly with little or no results, a doctor may be able to prescribe stronger medications such as painkillers or muscle relaxants. These, again, are temporary fixes, and your doctor will most likely want to pursue other avenues to diagnose and treat your back pain. Physical therapy is a common route in pursuing low back pain relief, as a physical therapist can often isolate the specific problem areas that are causing your back pain.

Other more serious issues may cause your low back pain. A doctor will be able to diagnose such issues, and sometimes these more major problems must be addressed surgically. It would be wise to attempt stretches and other exercises before seriously considering surgery for your low back pain relief.



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