How do I Choose the Best IT Project Management Course?

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There are four things to consider when looking for the best IT project management course: small class size, qualified instructors, accreditation, and hands-on learning. IT project management courses are available from universities, community and career colleges. An information technology (IT) project management course offers instructions in project methodologies, information technology project challenges, and related issues.

IT project management courses combine theory and practical application. The lower the number of students in the class, the more individual attention the instructor can provide to each student. It is important to grasp the theory and the actual techniques from an IT project management course, as you will need to use these techniques in your project management role.

All courses should be taught by qualified instructors, who are experts in their field. For example, resource and staff management courses should be taught by qualified management instructors. Courses that focus on project and software life cycle management should have significant experience in software projects and the information technology sector.

When reviewing the IT project management course options, it is important to ensure the school is accredited. An accredited school has been reviewed by an independent agency to ensure minimum standards are met. In addition, only courses from an accredited school can be used toward a project management certificate. If you decide to take an online program, verify the status of the school independently, to make sure that it is valid.


Review the computer classrooms or labs to ensure that there is one computer workstation per student. Check the software version to make sure it is the latest one. Ask about after-hours access to the computer resources to complete homework assignments. IT project management courses are typically offered part-time, and access to the appropriate software outside classroom hours is necessary to complete assignments.

People who complete an IT project management course usually do it as part of the Project Management Professional® (PMP®) program. This certification is available through the Project Management Institute&Reg; (PMI®). As the industry standard, the PMP® designation requires the completion of a specific set of courses to meet the academic requirements of the program.

The best IT project management courses are relevant, easy to follow, and expand your understanding of project management and related topics. The field of project management has experienced a huge growth in popularity, as information technology becomes more entrenched into everyday life and business. This field is forecast to experience above average growth for the next five to ten years, due to the increased adoption of project management techniques.



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