What are the Different IT Project Manager Jobs?

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There are four different IT project manager jobs available: implementation, upgrade, business process re-engineering, and consulting. An information technology (IT) project manager is responsible for managing the resources, time line, scope and project plan. She reports directly to the steering committee or information technology director on the status of the project and time line.

People who report the greatest job satisfaction in the different IT project manager jobs are detail-oriented, enjoy working with software, and are excellent communicators. The ability to work with people from a wide range of backgrounds and skills is very important in this job. Communicating complex concepts so that the decision makers are confident of the options is central to the role of an IT project manager.

The most common type of IT project manager jobs are system implementations. The technology can be anything from a stand-alone software to an entire enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. It is very common to find these types of jobs through a consulting or implantation specialist firm. The length of an implementation project varies widely, but can be as long as two years.


All computer software and hardware systems must be upgraded as technology changes. This type of IT project manager job requires experience with both the software or network environment and the business needs. These types of projects are typically shorter, but have a tighter budget and heightened expectations. Many system users expect upgrades to fix all the problems or irritations with the existing system, increasing the pressure on the project.

Business process re-engineering utilizes a combination of computer and business process skills and knowledge. These types of projects typically require a great deal of interaction and discussion with business analysts, users, steering committees, and department management. The product is a recommendation that will result in increased efficiency and effectiveness for the company.

Consulting is a very popular option for IT project managers. Many people start their own companies, based on their years of experience and business contacts. This path is most profitable for people who have led major projects within a specific industry. A focused portfolio provides the depth of knowledge and experience that is very valuable to potential clients.

IT project manager jobs are very intense, requiring long hours, extensive travel, and a great deal of pressure. Burnout is very common, with many people working in these roles for less than five years. People who choose these types of jobs are well advised to be cautious about over-commitments and to find a hobby that helps them relax.



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