How do I Choose the Best Human Resources Training?

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Human resources training programs are available from post-secondary educational institutions, human resources professional associations, books, and online resources. Human resources is a broad term used to cover all aspects of payroll, hiring, firing, and managing staff. The successful management of people and their skills is critical to the long-term survival and success of any company or organization. The level of training required depends on previous training, work experience, and career aspirations.

The first step toward selecting the best human resources training is to determine your career goals. People who aspire to positions in management will need to complete a formally recognized, post-secondary educational program. This is typically a combination undergraduate degree or diploma in business, management, or related field and a professional designation program in human resources.

The admissions requirements into these post-secondary programs vary, depending on the institution. However, both colleges and universities will require successful completion of a high school diploma, with courses in English and technology. Many schools also require a personal essay or interview as part of the application process. The purpose of this additional requirement is to evaluate the written and oral communication skills to assist the registrar with the English class placement.


Human resources is a broad discipline, and many people have long and rewarding careers without moving into management. People who want to get human resources training have usually been working in human resources departments for several years and enjoy working with people. A position as a payroll officer or human resources assistant requires specific training that can be completed through a part-time certificate program offered by the local community or career college.

There are a range of human resource professional associations, ranging from the International Association for Human Resource Information Management® to the Academy of Management®. These institutions offer human resources training specially designed for human resources professionals or senior management. These short courses, seminars, and online classes are designed to meet a specific need. The courses are typically offered on a part-time basis in the evenings and on weekends. Upon successful completion, a certificate is provided.

A wealth of books, magazines, website and online resources provide free human resources training. There are no admission requirements, and the material is designed for the general public to use. Take the time to investigate these sources of information before starting any formal training program. The information is often quite useful and may provide a broader perspective of the human resources issues the company is facing.



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