How do I get Human Resources Training?

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The options for human resources training depends largely upon your situation and what degree or training you have already received. A formal education in human resources at a college or university represents the primary way to receive such training. Another popular way to get human resources training is through professional development workshops and conferences. Many companies will also offer a time of informal training before the individual hired takes over those responsibilities.

The most extensive human resources training and education is done at the college level. Degree programs can last, on average, anywhere from two to four years. Human resources courses in a degree program will focus on many different issues, including human resources law, human resources management, confidentiality, and general business management. These courses may be supplemented with general educational requirements and electives. Many of those who are interested in a human resources degree will choose electives in other business disciplines.

Once you have become a human resources specialist, continuing education is also possible, most often in the form of professional development workshops. These workshops are either conducted online or locally, often in the evenings or on weekends. Some may also be offered during the normal business day. Companies often allow their human resources specialists to attend such workshops during the the work day because it is seen as an investment. It is usually fairly easy to find these courses through trade publications or online associations.


Conferences provide human resources training and are set up by associations and private organizations. They differ from workshops in that they generally take place over multiple days, usually lasting anywhere from two days to a week. Most are set up with a main session, which all attendees attend, and then participants divide into smaller breakout sessions. These breakout sessions allow individuals to tailor their training to fit the needs and interests they have. Employees may attend on their own personal time or under the direction of their companies.

No matter what type of human resources training is offered outside of a company, it is very likely some level of additional training will be required, based on specific company practices and rules. Each company will probably do things a little differently, so it may take a while to learn computer and filing systems, among other tasks. This type of training is usually very basic, and often takes place at the same time as other regular job functions.



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