How Do I Become a Human Resources Officer?

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A human resources officer is responsible for planning how a company can find and hire the most qualified employees and works with other human resources staff to meet the company's employment needs. He or she performs a variety of tasks, including training new and existing workers, recruiting prospective employees, dealing with pay matters, working with employee records and negotiating with agencies outside the business. If you want to become a human resources officer, you'll likely need a college degree, some experience in a human resources role and excellent communication skills.

You'll usually need a bachelor's degree to become a human resources officer, though some employers might require a graduate degree for the role. The most popular majors for those who intend to become a human resources officer include business, management, human resources and psychology. The preferred degree usually specializes in human resources, but some employers might allow a different major if you take some classes in human resources or minor in the subject. You'll also want to take classes that teach you how to manage people and can help you identify the best candidates for jobs. It's common to take some psychology and interpersonal communication classes to help you communicate better with potential candidates.


Many employers prefer experience in a company's human resources office along with your college degree. Before you can become a human resources officer, you might have to serve as a human resources intern or find an entry-level role within the organization that interests you. In addition to getting a view of what a human resources officer's job involves, you will also get experience working with others in a collaborative environment, which is critical for a leadership role. You'll also get used to the processes of human resources management and learn how to use the company's recruitment and training processes. Another benefit is that you'll get to learn the company's required computer software, because many companies do online job applications.

You will need to work well with people and be an effective manager if you want to become a human resources officer. You'll need to schedule interviews with potential job candidates and deal with candidates face to face. Excellent communication skills will be critical for dealing with your own employees and the people you interview. You're required to look through applications and find candidates who could best fit various roles, so you'll also need to have attention to detail and excellent analysis skills.



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