How do I Choose the Best Home Inspection Classes?

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There are three things to consider when looking for the best home inspection classes: appropriate level, small class size, and qualified instructors. Home inspection classes are available from a wide range of community and career colleges. The local building or home improvement store may also offer home inspection classes. The purpose of home inspection classes is to educate home owners and provide training toward becoming a home inspector.

Due to the wide range of audience and learning objectives, it is important to review the detailed course descriptions with care. Home inspection classes intended for homeowners are typically short in duration, highlight the most common issues for the region, and provide information on what the home inspector will do. For example, a home inspector class in a rainy area will focus on leaky roofs, mold growth, and basement flooding.

For someone who has experience in the construction trades and wants to become a home inspector, this type of class is not appropriate. Instead, look for home inspection courses that are part of a certificate program. There should be prerequisites, and the course description should be quite detailed.

A quick way to spot the different audience is the number of topics covered in the class. Any course discussing roofing, electrical, plumbing, and insulation is going to be at a very summary level, as each of these subjects would be a full course as part of a home inspector certificate program.


Home inspection classes teach a combination of theory and practical skills. The lower the number of students in the class, the more individual attention the instructor can provide to each student. Take the time to ask questions, and gain as much knowledge as possible. The best home inspection classes include a field trip to conduct an actual home inspection. This is the best way to practice your new skills.

A home inspection class should be taught by qualified instructors, who are experts in their field. Most courses are taught by instructors who worked in the skilled trades, and are qualified as a master in that trade. Practical experience is much more important than academic credential in this field, as home inspection as a profession is relatively new.

When reviewing the home inspection course options, it is important to ensure that the school is accredited. An accredited school has been reviewed by an independent agency to ensure minimum standards are met. In addition, only courses from an accredited school can be used toward a home inspection certificate.



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