How do I get Home Inspector Training?

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The demand for home inspectors is higher than it has ever been before. Consumer awareness is constantly increasing, which means that home inspectors are now an integral part of any home buying transaction. As a career, home inspecting can be very rewarding, but it can also be extremely demanding. Home inspector training involves many different facets including in-depth construction knowledge.

Home inspectors are expected to scrutinize a home from all angles. Some of the home systems that an inspector must focus upon include structural components, exterior components, roofing, plumbing, electrical, heating, air conditioning, any various other home components. Thus, a home inspector should be able to determine whether or not any of the aforementioned systems are functioning properly.

Attempting to narrow down one particular educational background that all home inspectors share is difficult. Inspectors come from a number of backgrounds including engineering, architecture, and even construction. While home inspector training courses do exist, the best way to become an inspector is to gain field experience. Field training can be accomplished through apprenticeship programs.

Almost all home inspectors have some type of university degree, though a technical degree may also be applied towards this profession. Each country has different guidelines set in place that prospective inspectors must follow. Home inspector training often includes coursework, on-the-job work, and a trial period.


In addition, some countries require home inspectors to obtain specific certification prior to practicing any inspection techniques. Once all proper training has been completed, the inspection process can begin. Most home inspectors work independently, though some individuals may choose to work for large companies.

Inspection jobs can be found by applying to various development companies, searching job boards, or speaking with construction firms. Often, a home inspector will find employment simply by conversing with professionals in the construction business. This profession can be a tiring one, since inspectors are often required to argue with developers, home sellers, and others involved in the home buying process.

A home inspector should be patient, analytical, and ready to support any findings. Part of home inspector training involves learning how to write a complete inspection report, which will determine whether or not a home buyer should purchase a home. For this reason, inspectors must always be willing to further explain any found problems to both home buyers and sellers.

Even though home inspector training is often long and difficult, those inspectors that successfully complete training will find that this profession is a lucrative one. Prospective inspectors should begin a career within this field by studying engineering, science, architecture, or another math-based discipline at the university level.



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