What are the Different Construction Inspector Jobs?

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Construction inspector jobs are often comprised of various duties relative to work environments and professional expertise. Some inspectors, for example, focus on community development projects and ensure building safety. Transportation inspectors, on the other hand, likely approve construction projects relative to community streets, curbs and sidewalks. Inspectors may also choose to work with electrical systems, while still others may design and manage community pipeline routes.

The duties of a construction inspector may vary significantly depending on one’s chosen specialty. People who work with community development projects, for example, generally focus on inspecting buildings during and after construction. This activity ensures zoning specifications and safety regulations are met as the project progresses. Inspectors may also monitor subcontractor work and explain codes to builders.

Employment for building construction inspectors may be available with land development companies, residential and commercial builders and local government agencies. In each of these environments, the inspectors are likely to approve plans and determine the resources needed to meet proposal guidelines. Additional duties more specific to the work environment may include participating in pre-design and pre-bid activities or issuing violation notices and stop-work orders.


In addition to responsibilities, workplace environments may also differ. Transportation construction inspector jobs, for example, may be available with both government agencies and civil engineering firms. Public highways and roads often fall under government jurisdiction. In this instance, the construction inspector job description may include performing routine technical inspections for environmental, water, sewer, street and other public works programs; approving construction and installing community streets, curbs, gutters, sidewalks and fire hydrants; coordinating activities with utility companies and city departments and issuing permits that pertain to roadway projects.

Civil engineering firms, on the other hand, often submit bids to complete government-related projects. To illustrate, bridge construction may be awarded to the firm with the lowest bid or greatest experience. That engineering firm may therefore employ a construction inspector with experience in road and/or rail construction. His or her job functions may relate to pavement, retaining walls, utility and drainage systems. Such a position may require candidates to read and interpret construction plans, perform area measurements and volume calculations and conduct field tests for soil and concrete.

Some construction inspector jobs may manage the design and installation of electrical systems. People in these positions are likely to inspect conduits, wires and fixtures to ensure safety guidelines are met and circuit boards are not overloaded. These jobs may also review low- or high-voltage system installations in residential and commercial buildings. Additional duties may include inspecting installation equipment and processes, verifying that installations meet technical and code compliances and developing field reports for managers. Such positions may be available with performance heating companies, public utility providers or engineering firms.

Plumbing, sewer and gas piping systems may further be subject to construction inspections. Pipeline construction inspector jobs are thus likely to select the pipeline routes, coordinate right-of-way purchases and supervise contractors who install pipelines. These positions may also be responsible for adhering to company guidelines and regulations, ensuring safety standards are met and promoting environmental awareness across a given project. Companies that own pipelines or those that transport crude oil, natural gas liquids and refined products may offer employment opportunities in this field.



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