How do I Choose a Home Inspection Course?

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There are four items to consider when looking for a home inspection course: certification, faculty, cost, and program schedule. A home inspection course provides the training necessary to become a home inspector, covering the laws, rules, and guidelines that govern home building and renovations. These rules vary by state and it is essential for every home inspector to be familiar with these requirements.

A home inspector course can be found at many community and career colleges. These programs can be designed to meet the needs of different audiences, ranging from a home owner to a experienced trades persons who wants to transition into a home inspector career. Although both users have the same interest, the focus of the instruction can be slightly different, depending on the audience and the course outcomes. It is important to check the course description in detail to make sure that it is targeted toward your specific background and interests.

When looking for a home inspection course to become a certified home inspector, it is important to make sure that it is properly accredited and able to provide courses that qualify for certification. Many of these programs are offered by accredited schools. The accreditation process ensures that a minimal standard of administration and academic policies are in place. Courses taken from accredited schools are transferable to other institutions and can be used toward a professional certification.


Review the biographies of the faculty or instructors for the home inspection course. It is very important that they have sufficient working experience in home building or renovations in addition to academic credentials as a home inspector or related trade. Review the biographies in detail and ensure that each instructor is a certified professional. For example, a home inspector course on electrical wiring should be taught by a licensed electrician.

Review the cost of the home inspector course and compare at least three different schools. If any program is significantly more expensive than the others, review the details of the course description. The course may be using the latest technology or have a highly respected expert as the instructor. Both options would justify the higher course fee.

Many home inspector courses are offered during evenings and weekends. Review the course schedule and confirm that these times are suitable to your schedule. Courses that are offered during the day are usually part of a diploma or certificate program that is designed for people who are moving into home inspection as a new career.



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