How Do I Choose the Best Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes?

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Choosing eyeshadow for brown eyes is fairly easy, because many colors complement this neutral eye color. Using eyeshadow colors that pick up the undertones and flecks in the eye is just one way to make brown eyes sparkle. Skin tone and hair color also can offer cues for choosing the best eyeshadow for brown eyes.

A popular tip for choosing eyeshadow is to look at an artist’s color wheel and pick a color that is opposite your eye color on the wheel. This is not an exact science for brown eyes. Unlike the colors blue and green, brown is not clearly defined on a color wheel. Even so, some of the colors that contrast brown eyes are violet, pink and blue.

Another approach for choosing eyeshadow for brown eyes is to use colors that pick up any secondary colors in the eye. For example, brown eyes sometimes have hazel or gold undertones or flecks. To pick up these underlying colors and make your eyes stand out, try shades of gold, green or bronze.

When choosing eyeshadow for brown eyes, remember that shades lighter than your eye color look more subtle and natural. Some lighter eyeshadows that work well with brown eyes are pale pink, peach, taupe and lighter shades of brown. This subtle look is good for casual or work settings. It is usually finished off with subtle eyeliner and minimal mascara.


In contrast, darker shades will lend more drama to your eyes and work well for dressy or glamorous events. Darker eyeshadow hues for brown eyes include purple, blue, gray, plum and brown. This dark, dramatic look is usually complemented by dark eyeliner and plenty of mascara.

Other factors, such as your skin tone and hair color also can help you choose eyeshadow colors. Generally, very dark shadows tend to look too harsh on women with light skin, light hair and brown eyes. Women with dark hair or medium to dark skin tones can more easily wear some of the darker, more dramatic eyeshadow colors.

Experimenting is often the best way to choose an eyeshadow for brown eyes. Makeup counters in department stores will usually let you try on different colors free of charge. You also can buy inexpensive eyeshadows and try them out to see what colors look best on you. If you are still a little unsure about how to pick the best colors, try an eyeshadow kit designed specifically for brown eyes.

Fashion magazines and websites also offer examples of up-to-the-minute eyeshadow looks. Being at the height of fashion might not always be the best look for you, however. Although it is good to occasionally update your look, keep in mind that what looks best on you is more important than keeping up with the latest trends.



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