How Do I Choose the Best Eyeshadow Quad?

An eyeshadow quad contains four different complimentary eyeshadow colors. These can be used either separately or together. Choosing the best eyeshadow quad depends largely on the color of your eyes, hair, and skin. For instance, women with fair complexions should avoid dark colors. Dark eyeshadow generally looks good on women with dark complexions.

Brown-eyed women typically have the greatest number of options when choosing eyeshadow colors. An eyeshadow quad containing browns or greens will look especially attractive, if you have brown eyes. If your eyes are light brown, you may want to try a gray or turquoise eyeshadow. If they are dark, on the other hand, an eyeshadow quad containing gold may help them stand out.

If you have green eyes, your eyeshadow quad options may be a little more limited. Generally, women with green eyes, especially light green eyes, should avid light eyeshadow colors. An eyeshadow quad containing shades of plum can help make green eyes stand out. Eyeshadow quads with brown or neutral hues will also look good on green eyes.

Blue-eyed women will typically have a harder time choosing an eyeshadow quad. Most makeup artists agree that blue-eyed women should not use blue eyeshadow. Instead, earth tones are more suitable. For a splash of color, purple hues can be used as well, since this color can help make blue eyes stand out.

If you have hazel eyes, you can choose an eyeshadow quad that contains browns or greens. Using brown eyeshadow can help make the brown in your eyes more noticeable. On the other hand, using green eyeshadow can help make the green in your eyes more noticeable. You may also want to use a combination of these two colors.

Your hair and skin color should also play a role in which eyeshadow quad you choose. If you have a light complexion and hair, for instance, you should stay away from very dark eyeshadow. Instead, opt for light hues, including pastels. For dark complexions and hair, on the other hand, light hues should be avoided. Dark eyeshadow colors, like charcoal, should be used instead. Dark or bold colors can be used as well.

When using eyeshadow, first apply the lightest color to the brow bone. The next-darkest color should then be applied to the eyelid, from the upper lashes to the crease. The third color should be blended into the crease. Finally, the darkest color should be applied along both lash lines. To make the eyes appear larger, some makeup artists only apply this line from the center of the pupil to the outside corner of the eye.


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