How Do I Match Eyeshadow and Eye Color?

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The key to matching eyeshadow and eye color is choosing an eyeshadow that is similar to your eye color. On the other hand, the color should not be too similar; if possible, choose a shade just slightly lighter or darker than your eye color. This will help your eyes stand out as a prominent facial feature, drawing the attention of others to that area first. There are other factors involved in finding the perfect eyeshadow colors, though, so do not hesitate to find someone skilled in makeup application to help.

Matching eyeshadow and eye color as a blue-eyed person is more about staying away from certain colors. Soft peaches, taupe, and slate grays are the best color eyeshadows for blue eyes. In general, people with blue eyes look their best when not wearing a blue-colored eyeshadow. They are the exception to the rule rather than the rule, however. The good news is that with blue eyes often comes fair skin, so a little eyeshadow goes a long way.

Green-eyed people wear purple shades and mocha colors well. They can also easily get away with taupe colors and even gold eyeshadow. If a person has hazel eyes, matching eyeshadow and eye color is somewhat less complicated. The colors that work with green eyes will still look good, but hazel-eyed people can sometimes wear other colors. For example, they might be able to pull off green or pink eyeshadow, depending on their skin tone.


Brown-eyed people do not have to worry about matching eyeshadow with eye color because brown goes with all colors. They can put more thought into matching eyeshadow with their skin tone and clothing. Depending on a person’s skin tone, pink and green eyeshadows might make brown eyes really stand out. One shade to be wary of is brown, though, because wearing a similar shade of eyeshadow can wash out your eye color. This is particularly true if your skin color is brown; your whole look can be thrown off by matching colors too closely.

No guide to matching eyeshadow and eye color is perfect. Skin tone is also important when trying to find the best makeup colors, which can complicate matters to the point that few makeup guides are reliable. If you are stuck, visit a makeup store to ask for advice or try on different shades of eyeshadow until finding the perfect one. The cosmeticians at a makeup store are often very knowledgeable and can match eyeshadow and eye color at a glance.



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