How do I Choose the Best Digital Media College?

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The best digital media college is one that is focused on staying on the cutting edge. Media is rapidly changing in a way that it hasn't for centuries, so your college needs to have the tools to teach you all that you'll need to master success with the changing times. A college needs to have high-powered computers with equally high resolution in its monitors. It should have workstations for each student.

Beyond the hardware, the college also needs to have competitive software. The professors in the courses of your major should have professional digital media experience. This isn't a major where an instructor can simply study to be qualified to teach. He'll need to have hands-on experience to help you excel. Class size also needs to be small enough to allow you access to the equipment in every class and after class hours.

The decision to attend a digital media college may be a smart one for some prospective students. Those majoring in journalism at traditional schools, for example, may face great challenges as many people are now getting their news online. The jobs in journalism are likely to be largely in digital media in the future.


You are also taking on quite an expense in choosing this college, as they can be costly. Choose a digital media college that has a good financial aid office. Try to pick a college that has a work/study program if you are not eligible for scholarships. The digital media college must be also be accredited if you want to qualify for student aid.

Be sure to look at the biographies and resumes of professors at each college. The type of teachers that the school attracts can say a lot about where its priorities lie and the quality of the classes you will have. Look at the professors who are specific to your major; being mentored by someone's whose work you hope to emulate can be a great feeling. Choose the digital media college that offers a high-quality staff. While you could read textbooks and do technical assignments at home, nothing will replace an inspiring classroom experience.

Checking out the school in person can be one of the best ways to see if it's right for you. The best digital media college for you depends on who you are as a person. Perhaps you'd like to be part of a digital media department in a large university, or perhaps you'd feel more comfortable in a small, specialized college. Knowing what the campus is like will help you get a better feel for the environment you'll live within if you choose the school. Visiting will also allow you can look at the school's digital media equipment, making sure it's up-to-date and as available as the school claims.

Look at the requirements that each potential digital media college has for its students. You don't want to reach too far in applying for schools that you aren't yet qualified to attend. Most schools will require your high school transcripts and a portfolio of your work so far in digital media. If either one of those areas are lacking, a strong stand in the other can help make up for it. A college will also want to know about you as a person and will probably ask for essays. Apply to several colleges so that you have your options open when you make your final choice on the best digital media college for you.



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