How do I Choose Between Digital Media Schools?

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People who are interested in pursing training from digital media schools often are looking to obtain a specific type of certification in a digital media. There are a wide range of digital media schools available, both traditional and online. The primary purpose of this type of training is to prepare for a career in digital media or to further enhance existing skills. There are four factors to consider when choosing between digital media schools: reputation, programs offered, instructional method and cost.

The reputation of a digital media school is fairly easy to investigate. Talk to potential employers, graduates and former students. Ask direct questions about the relevance of the training offered, which version of software program is used in classes and the quality of the instructors. Contact the school and ask about industry awards and graduate employment rates. This information provides great insight into the overall reputation of the school.

Review the course syllabus to learn about the different programs that the school offers. Pay attention to the prerequisites required for these programs, and explore the options provided at the undergraduate and graduate levels. A well-established school will offer certificate programs or courses for program graduates to ensure that the skills are maintained.


Avoid schools where all courses are open to everyone and there are no prerequisites. Although this initially looks inviting, it is an indicator that the subject matter is never covered at an advanced level. In-depth instruction is required to become an expert in any field, and digital media is no exception.

Digital media schools typically offer a combination of traditional classroom and online courses. Read the course outline and think about the skills that you plan to learn from the course. Select the delivery method that is most likely to help you be successful. Some people work well independently, and others benefit from an opportunity to interact with the instructor and fellow students.

The cost of the programs offered by different digital media schools varies widely. Read the course description with care and find out if software or computer tools are included in the tuition. Explore the system access level, as some schools offer 24-hour system access. This might result in higher tuition, but it can be a cost-saver overall.

The most important item to think about when selecting a school is to determine which one has the tools and ability to help you succeed. Some students benefit from a school with significant student support resources, such as counseling and career classes. Other students perform best in a school that offers flexible scheduling and is located in a city center. Think about what aspects are important to your success, and you will be able to make a better decision.



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