How do I Choose the Best Digital Media Arts College?

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The best digital media arts college should have a wide range of equipment available for student use. This includes large, high resolution monitors, dedicated digital media arts computer workstations, complete with the latest software programs, and a series of tools to interface with the software. Check the average class size to ensure that you will have ample opportunity to use this equipment. Look at the list of specialized programs or courses to find the school that meets your needs and career aspirations.

In order to qualify for admission to digital media arts college, you must have completed high school, with courses in technology and English. Most schools require the submission of a portfolio of work as part of the admissions process. Some schools have specific requirements for the portfolio, while others simply require a set number of pieces representing your best work. The development of a professional, high quality portfolio takes time, and preparations should begin at least two years prior to application.


Most digital media arts colleges provide the biographies of their faculty or instructors on their website. The information listed typically includes the academic credentials, work experience, special training, and any awards they have received. Also listed on the website will be the names of famous alumni, who are experiencing success in the digital media arts community. This is a very small industry, and relationships are very important. Many alumni will return to their college as a guest lecturer, and reviewing the previous years' guests will give you a good idea of the areas where graduates find employment.

The tuition fees for digital media arts college are quite high, due to the type of equipment and specialized instructors required. In addition to the tuition fee, all students will require a computer or laptop that meets specific criteria. Although some schools include the software costs into the tuition, it is an important point to confirm, as the cost can be quite significant.

Look at the types of scholarships, grants, and other programs available to reduce tuition costs. Some schools offer paid internship programs, while others allow students to work semi-professionally while completing their course work. Review the options available to you to minimize the total student debt incurred during this program.

A digital media arts college is designed for students who have a great deal of talent and dedication to the visual arts. This type of skill requires a significant amount of time to develop. Students who are interested in pursuing this career should invest as much of their time as possible to refining and enhancing their skills, through both independent study and professional instruction.



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