How Do I Choose the Best Beauty Supply Store?

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When choosing a beauty supply store, you should consider your need for beauty supplies, the professionalism of the store's staff, and the selection and quality of goods that the store offers. Other considerations include price, location, and hours of operation. In addition to comparing the cost of items available through a particular beauty supply store, you may also want to select a store that offers discount programs for regular customers or customers who are also licensed beauty professionals. A final consideration should be whether a beauty supply store offers training classes or other events to its customers, as these programs can help you improve your use of cosmetics and other beauty tools.


Some stores specialize in serving professional beauticians, aestheticians, and makeup artists, while others cater to the general public. It is not unusual for a beauty supply store to serve both markets, though some products at these stores may not be available to those who are not licensed in a personal appearance trade. If you are licensed as aesthetician or cosmetologist, you'll typically want to work with a beauty supply store that does offer these products so that you can have access to the products that you need to offer professional services to your clients. If you are not licensed, you may still be able to buy many products in the store, but you may not be permitted to purchase professional hair-coloring products or some product brands that are restricted to professional use. In all cases, you should choose a beauty supply store that offers the products that you want and need.

Other considerations include the type of help that a store may give you in making product choices and learning how to use your purchases. Ideally, you want to patronize a beauty supply store with knowledgeable staff who can help you select the right products for yourself or for your clients. It is often particularly helpful if the store's employees have a professional background in the beauty industry.

Price is often a significant concern when choosing a store to patronize. While low prices can sometimes indicate low-quality service and goods, when possible you should find a store that offers good value. If you are a beauty professional, ask if the store offers a trade discount to those who can produce a professional license. If you are not a professional, you should still ask if the store has any frequent buyer programs or a mailing list from which you can receive information about sales and available coupons.



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