How Do I Choose the Best Beauty Tools?

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Prior to purchasing any beauty tool, it is important to determine how often you plan to use the item, as this will typically be the deciding factor in how much money you spend. It is also important to make sure that the item that you choose will be as safe as possible for your body, even if you only intend to use the item occasionally. Reading reviews from several different sources on the types of products that you intend to purchase can also be helpful, and may prevent you from having to spend even more money to replace a faulty beauty tool.

In general, if you plan to use an item every day or even several times a week, you should look at beauty tools as an investment. Typically, higher-end hair styling tools and makeup brushes will last significantly longer than cost-conscious alternatives, often making up for the higher price tag in the end. For example, high quality, well-made makeup brushes will stand up to daily use and excessive washing without shedding or becoming rough, often lasting for years. If, however, you only apply makeup a few times a year, a cheap brush set may be all that you need.


No matter how often you plan to use an item, it is important to ensure that the beauty tools that you choose will cause little to no damage to your skin or body. This is especially true with hot tools such as blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons. Cheaper versions that utilize metal or plastic as a heating element can significantly damage your hair, even if you only use the item once a month. When choosing any beauty tool that has the potential to cause damage to your hair or skin, it is important to pick the safest option available. In the case of hair styling tools, ceramic heating elements and plates are ideal, and options can be found in even the lowest price range that, while it may not last as long as a higher-end version, will typically work well and safely for those who only use hot tools occasionally.

As with most products, the marketing used for beauty tools can be misleading. There are, however, several different ways to obtain feedback from people who have tried the item before you buy it. Magazines routinely provide reviews on a multitude of different beauty tools, and can give you a good idea as to what items may be worth researching. It is important to remember, however, that reviews found in these types of publications may not always be completely truthful, although they can provide you with a good starting point. In general, the best places to read reviews are on websites that sell the products and allow customer feedback, beauty blogs that do not receive sponsoring from the product, and forums dedicated to choosing the best beauty tools.



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