Where can I get Manicure Supplies?

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Just about everyone can use some type of nail care from time to time. From simple devices to trim nails and cuticles to tools that help to shape and color nails, there is something for every taste and style. Whether you are in the market for a simple manicure set for use at home or one of the professional kits used in spas and salons, there are several different outlets that sell the type of equipment you have in mind.

For basic manicure supplies, a discount retail store is often a good option. Many of these outlets carry items such as nail clippers, emery boards, cuticle scissors, and nail polish at very affordable prices. For people who like to maintain their nails at home, these basic tools are usually sufficient and will not cost a great deal to replace from time to time.

Along with discount stores, essential manicure supplies are also carried in many drugstores and supermarkets. While the selection may not be quite as broad in terms of clippers or cuticle cutters, it is not unusual for a drugstore to offer a wide range of nail polish in different colors and textures. A drugstore or supermarket is also a good source for disposable emery boards along with the stainless steel types.


Salons and spas are good sources for manicure supplies geared toward more detailed fashioning of the nails. Along with nail hardening compounds, salons often offer French nails and other false nail products that attach with ease to the natural nails. A professional manicurist can affix and then style the false nails to achieve an appearance that is very difficult to tell from the real thing.

Health and beauty retailers often sell manicure supplies in bulk. While many of these supply shops are open to commercial customers only, some do have associate member programs that allow the general public to purchase bulk supplies as well.

Thanks to online commerce, it is also possible to purchase various types of manicure supplies from a number of Internet-based stores. The selection ranges from basic sets that are ideal for use at home or while traveling to larger kits that are similar to those used by professionals. As with the different options in brick and mortar shops, prices will vary based on the quality of the individual items in the kit and the number of tools included in each set.

In general, it is a good idea to spend a little extra and purchase manicure supplies that are of better quality. Doing so will make it possible to use the same kit for a number of years rather than having to purchase a new set every couple of years. However, for people who travel frequently and tend to leave grooming kits behind from time to time, going with the less expensive kits of manicure supplies may prove to be a better option.



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