How do I Choose the Best Bathtub Tile?

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If you are making improvements to your bathroom, you may be considering installing new bathtub tile. This typically surrounds the tub, but is often also visible by anyone who enters the bathroom, so be sure that it meshes well with the rest of the room. To that end, it is important to choose a color that matches the bathroom's overall theme, while also creating the type of atmosphere that you want. In addition, you should take the size of the tile into consideration. Of course, the material that you choose for your bathtub tile is important, as well, as it needs to be both durable and water resistant for the best results.

The color of your bathtub tile is often just as important as the shade of the walls and floor, as anyone who uses the bathroom is likely to see it. Therefore, consider choosing a color that either matches the rest of the room, or contrasts well with it. Additionally, keep in mind that color is often known to affect the mood of visitors, so choose a shade that is consistent with the mood you would like to set. For example, neutral shades like beige and light brown are known for creating a warm, calming effect. You can also use pastel shades of blue or green to add a splash of color while still creating a calm atmosphere.


Size is another consideration to make when choosing bathtub tile, and there are a few ways to choose. For example, if you want to create an interesting contrast, you might choose tile that is a different size than any existing tiles on the floor or bathroom wall. If you prefer to make a smooth transition between the tub and the bathroom wall, you should consider using the same size tile, instead. Keep in mind that small tile tends to be best for particularly small bathrooms, as the use of large tile would likely enable you to only fit a few squares on the tub wall before running out of space. Thus, you should consider the size of the bathroom before making your decision.

Of course, any tile you put on the tub wall needs to be water resistant since it will likely get splashed with water quite regularly. Glazed ceramic tile is usually the most popular kind to use since it is known for being both glossy and resistant to water. Resin tile, which usually includes marble, shells, and stones, is another common type of bathtub tile that holds up to water quite well. You can choose from the glazed, pebbled, and polished versions of this material, depending on your personal preference.



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