How do I Choose the Best Bathtub Mat?

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The color and style of the bathtub mat are important because you do not want it to look odd. It is more important, however, to consider safety first. Look for a mat that will not slide around in the bathtub. If you have a small child, make sure there are not pieces that are likely to detach and be swallowed. Also try to find a bathtub mat that provides some degree of cushion or softness.

When choosing a bathtub mat, first and foremost you need to consider safety. This is especially important if an elderly person or small child will use the bathtub. To avoid slip and fall incidents, try to find a mat that has suction cups or some type of anti-sliding feature that will allow it to remain stationary once it is placed in the bathtub. It also a good idea to choose one that has some type of grip underfoot. Slick plastic can be very slippery even if it is stationary.

If a small child will use the bathtub where the mat is placed, you should also consider its design and decorations. You should avoid any option that has items that can be removed or that are likely to loosen and detach. Also assess the quality of the bathtub mat. You do not want to choose one that will begin falling apart and have pieces that can be pulled or torn off.


When you choose a bathtub mat, you need to consider how you have decorated the rest of the room. Aim for a bathtub mat that matches your color scheme. If the bathroom is completely designed in black and white, it is probably not reasonable to get a multi-colored or neon bathtub mat.

The same principle applies to the style of the mat compared to the theme of your bathroom. You do not want it to look as if it as an odd item that you ran across and decided to use. You want your bathtub mat to appear as if it was part of the overall plan.

Try to get something with a bit of cushion or texture. If you have ever worked on your feet for long periods, you are probably aware of the major difference that a slight bit of cushion can make. This is something you should especially consider if you or someone who uses the bathtub stands for long period or suffers from aches or lower joint problems.



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