What is a Bathtub Drain Cover?

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A bathtub drain cover is the piece of hardware that goes over the top of a bathtub drain to prevent large objects from going down the drain and to keep the drain from clogging. Most bathtubs have one built in, but many times the holes in the drain are large and do not cover the drain thoroughly. There are a wide variety of after-market bathtub drain covers that are available and can help refine the appearance of the bathtub as well as help prevent backups of the drain.

Most bathtub drain covers are made of plastic or metal. The ones that come standard in bathtubs are the type that typically screw in and are made of metal or aluminum. They are held in place with a screw or are set into the tub itself. If it is screwed in, it can be easier to replace and can be substituted with a similar type of cover.


If the drain is covered with the type of bathtub drain cover that is set into the tub, it can be easier and more effective to cover it with a specialized cover that is made to fit over the current one. This type is usually fairly cheap and made of plastic, but it probably won’t last very long. The advantage is that it is easily replaced and often keeps more out than a standard metal drain cover. Some people prefer to have these types of covers, as they are able to more thoroughly stop items such as hair and soap from going down the tub drain.

The price range for a bathtub drain cover usually ranges from a few US dollars (USD) to over 50 USD, depending on the materials they are made from. Many drugstores and hardware stores sell the cheaper ones, and many hardware stores will offer higher quality, more expensive ones. Specialty stores often sell the highest quality drain covers, but they are typically more expensive.

Ordering online is an option, but it is important to know the size and type of the drain for the tub before purchasing, as a bathtub drain cover that won't fit into the tub is useless. Most bathtubs are fairly standard, and if they aren’t the manufacturer of the tub will usually be able to offer specifics for a specialized drain cover. If removing the current drain cover would cause harm to the bathtub, calling a professional to replace it might be the best option.



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