How do I Choose the Best Anti-Aging Skin Treatment?

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Research seems to indicate that most products that claim to prevent or reverse the effects of aging actually do little more than moisturize the skin. When choosing an anti-aging skin treatment, it is important to research the product to determine if any verifiable clinical trials have been conducted. In addition, be careful of treatments that offer “before and after” photos in their advertising. In many cases, advertisers use altered photographs to help sell the products. It is also a good idea to consult with a doctor, because in some cases, maintaining good overall health may be the best anti-aging skin treatment.

One promising anti-aging skin treatment is the development of products that contain adenosine, a compound naturally produced by the body. Some research indicates that adenosine may improve the elasticity of skin by increasing the levels of collagen. Lack of collagen is believed to be one of the causes of wrinkling. In addition to increasing levels of collagen, adenosine also may improve blood flow beneath the skin and increase the size of skin cells, both of which may help reduce wrinkling.

Some studies have shown that using stem cells derived from plants may help rejuvenate skin. This type of anti-aging skin treatment involves using topical creams enhanced with stem cells from dark green plant life. These cells are meant to aid the skin in shedding old cells and replacing them with newer cells that lie just beneath the surface of the skin.


According to dermatologists, products rich in alpha hydroxy acids may help promote new skin cell growth and may reduce flaking of the skin. When the skin has a flaky surface, it often makes it appear older and less vibrant. You can make your own facial cream that is rich in alpha hydroxy acids out of pumpkin pie filling. Just rub the filling all over the surface if the skin, then exfoliate using a rough mitt. This treatment may be as effective as many of the more expensive commercial products.

Research shows that vitamin C, when applied directly to the skin, may help in the production of collagen. Inexpensive creams containing vitamin C often work just as well as more costly varieties. The important factor in determining the quality of these enhanced creams is the life expectancy of the vitamin C. Sometimes vitamin C found in these creams will become inactive when it is exposed to air and light. These products should have labeling that indicates their expiration date and storage requirements.



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Post 4

Castile soap made from olive oil is my miracle skin care treatment. Regular soaps can be very harmful to the skin. My dermatologist actually told be not to use the regular bar soaps because of the harsh chemicals and the perfumes they contain.

Post 3

We spend tons of dollars on anti aging products and skin treatments that has limited benefits, yet we don't do the things that we know will make a big difference in slowing the aging of our skin. The best step you can take to keep your skin healthy and attractive is to limit the amount of sun you get.

You can't expect to lie out under the sun and have a beautiful tan without paying a price.

Post 2

There are treatments and products that help your skin look better and maybe some of them even have some lasting benefits, but I think the best we can hope for is to hide the signs of aging on our skin. Aging is a fact of life and every part of us gets older including our skin.

I'm not saying we should not do everything we can to look better. I certainly do, including wearing makeup, which probably ages my skin even more, but that's another story.

What I'm trying to say is we shouldn't fool ourselves into thinking that some skin treatment cream is going to make our skin miraculously look 17 when we are actually 47. That's not going to happen.

Post 1

This article mentions that some research has shown that plant stem cells may be one of the best ways to take care of your skin and rejuvenate it. I agree and I will go as far as to say that stem cells will one day be the only anti aging agents we need.

I think once we start doing more research with human stem cells we will be able to turn back the years. I would not be surprised if stem cells turn out to be the fountain of youth that so many people having been searching for for so many years.

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