What are the Different Types of Anti-Aging Skin Products?

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Both men and women buy and use anti-aging skin products. There are several categories of skin care products designed to minimize, prevent, and conceal the effects of aging. Some of the most familiar anti-aging skin products are creams and lotions designed to be used on the face, under the eyes, and on the hands. Some anti-aging products help prevent wrinkles, spots, and other types of damage by protecting the skin against the sun's rays. Certain types of makeup may include ingredients that can help conceal damage that has already occurred to the skin.

Moisturizing creams and lotions can have an immediate and positive effect on the skin's appearance. The fact that the skin is hydrated can make it seem smoother and less wrinkled. While any kind of emollient will have this effect on a person's skin, many skin care companies add anti-aging ingredients to their moisturizing products. These ingredients include antioxidants, slip agents, and in some cases mild acids that can help exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation removes the top dead layers of skin, revealing newer, younger-looking skin and encouraging cell turnover.

Stand-alone exfoliation products can also be used to fight the signs of aging. In addition to moisturizers and creams that contain chemical exfoliants, many companies sell scrubs and cloths that exfoliate the skin. As facial skin is much more sensitive than the skin on the hands or body, many companies sell separate exfoliants for face and body.


Many cosmetic manufacturers now understand the importance of sun protection in preventing both skin aging as well as skin cancer. As a result, many anti-aging skin products include a sunscreen. In fact, sunscreens in and of themselves are powerful anti-aging skin products. In addition to adding sunscreen to facial moisturizers, many companies now include it in their anti-aging hand creams, as hands often age faster than the rest of the body because of their exposure to the elements. Many cosmetic and medical experts advise men and women to use sunscreen daily.

Skin that has already suffered damage can be treated with various medical procedures, but there are also anti-aging skin products that can temporarily conceal signs of aging. There are several primer products, often containing silicone that can be spread on the face before applying foundation. They can temporarily make the skin appear tighter and fill in lines. There are also foundations that are formulated to sit on top of the skin without sinking into lines. Concealers in various shades can be used over dark spots, and highlighter, used appropriately, can draw the eye away from facial shadows.



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