How do I Choose the Best Anti-Aging Cosmetics?

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The best anti-aging cosmetics are cosmetics that help to make the skin look younger by changing the tone and altering the texture of the skin while also preventing the skin from elements that may cause the skin to exhibit further signs of aging. An anti-aging foundation should coat the skin in a layer that makes the skin look younger and even in tone. It should also include a sun protection factor (SPF) that will shield the skin from sun rays that can lead to aging. These cosmetics may also include ingredients such as emollients, collagen, and anti-oxidants that can help prevent and reverse the signs of aging. The most potent anti-aging cosmetics are those that have high concentrations of these ingredients.

Most skin-care experts agree the most effective anti-aging cosmetics are those that can be used to cover large portions of the face. While a brow pencil can be formulated with anti-aging ingredients, the cosmetic within the pencil will only cover a very small portion of the skin on the face. For this reason, the most effective anti-aging cosmetics are usually foundations, face powders, and lip products. There are also effective anti-aging cosmetics that are meant specifically for the eye area.


If you are looking to treat your entire face with anti-aging cosmetics, you should use an anti-aging foundation, tinted eye cream, and lip balm. Foundation is a useful product that can even out the skin tone on the face and neck. It is not, however, appropriate for use on the eye area. This is because foundation is often too thick for this delicate area and can cake up on the lids and in the corners of the eyes. For this reason, it is best to protect the eye area with an anti-aging eye cream that has a bit of a tint to it.

The lips should also be protected. There are many lipsticks that are formulated with SPF ingredients. These work just as well as lip balms that offer protection from the sun. For those who have a favorite lipstick that does not have an SPF, it is possible to apply a protective lip balm first and then apply the lipstick. There are also some lipsticks and lip balms that include ingredients that are meant to plump up the lips, which make them look younger.



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