How do I Become a Reiki Healer?

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Reiki is a method used to heal both people and animals, offering them relief from stress and various medical conditions. This type of holistic medicine is often desired when it seems that no mainstream medical practices can relieve symptoms of difficult mental or physical issues. It is possible for those interested and experienced in this practice to become a Reiki healer. There are classes that are specially formulated for this path, and it typically does not take much time to acquire this title.

There are certain levels that need to be attained before one can become a Reiki healer officially. The First Degree level teaches the basics of this practice, such as how it works and how it was developed. The instructor of the class should demonstrate Reiki Attunement on students to offer a real life example of how the energy works. This requires students to lie down while the Reiki practitioner locates the traditional chakra areas that exist from head to toe. The energy flow should be felt throughout the body, offering each student a taste of how this practice works before he can become a Reiki healer.


The Second Degree level of Reiki is the intermediate stage, teaching students the method of distance healing. This practice allows healers to channel their energy to those far away, such as in another country. Rather than focusing on physical healing like the First Degree level does, the second level concentrates on healing emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.

Finally, the last level before one can become a Reiki healer is the Third Degree level, which is also referred to as Master/Teacher. This is where students will be encouraged to use their newfound talents, such as Reiki Attunements. Those who pass this level will usually become a Reiki healer next, since they will know how to properly heal others. The use of crystals and various energies to heal will also be taught.

Many people can become a Reiki healer even after just the first level of education. Those who wish to teach others, however, are encouraged to achieve the third level. After receiving training, the next step to become a Reiki healer is to open a practice. It is recommended that serious Reiki practitioners practice healing constantly so that they can always improve, whether they are still in school or own a business already. Offering free Reiki Attunements to friends and family is one way to continually practice this healing art.



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