How do I Become a Regional Business Manager?

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The process to become a regional business manager is fairly consistent across most industries. A regional business manager is responsible for a specific geographic area. He may have sales and support staff reporting directly to him. The role of a business manager is to engage new clients and manage existing relationships at an executive level. The sales representative usually makes the primary contact, but the regional business manager becomes involved for high-profile relationships or meetings.

The career path that most people follow to become a regional business manager starts with a position in sales. The sales representative is typically assigned to a specific area and is responsible for managing existing accounts and finding new ones. Success in this role typically results in promotion to sales manager and regional business manager.

There is no specific education requirement to become a regional business manager. However, many people who work in business to business sales often have a degree or diploma in business administration, management, or a related field. While this level of training is not required at this level, it becomes necessary when applying for management roles.


When applying to become a regional business manager, be sure to structure your resume to highlight sales success and activity level. Many firms prefer to promote from within, but it is still important to prepare for the interview. Talk with your supervisor about the opportunity and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Be prepared to address your weaknesses in the interview. One of the challenges of applying for a position within your own firm is that you are already a known commodity.

People looking to make the transition to become a regional business manager should review the actual tasks of the role and evaluate their abilities to complete the tasks with current skills. Many people planning to make a career change take courses to improve their skills. Communication and business writing skills are often areas where you can benefit from a short course and yield a great return on investment.

The rewards from a regional business manager career are primarily financial. However, the requirements of this position involve a lot of late nights, long hours, and travel. This experience is transferable to a wide range of industries, providing many career opportunities. Many people use their experiences to start their own business providing advice and consulting services to other companies.



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