How Do I Become a Non-Profit Recruiter?

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If you want to become a non-profit recruiter, you will typically need to earn a university degree in business, communications, or human resources. As a general rule, it is also a good idea to get job experience in human resources, customer service, or sales, as employment in any of these areas can help prepare you to become an effective recruiter. There are some special considerations when recruiting for the nonprofit sector, so you may wish to try getting a job in a not-for-profit organization before attempting to become a non-profit recruiter. Other options include pursuing an internship or entry-level job at a recruiting agency that specializes in finding high-quality employees and executives for non-profit groups.

A non-profit organization is organized for the purpose of promoting a certain cause, offering education, or providing charitable services rather than earning a profit. This does not mean, however, that the organization does not have to manage significant amounts of money or is not reliant on several employees to keep the organization functioning and thriving. In fact, large nonprofit organizations may rely on a large management or executive team made up of highly qualified professionals. To meet these needs, the organization may rely on in-house or third-party recruiters to identify good candidates for these positions.


To become a non-profit recruiter, you will generally need to demonstrate the ability to understand the needs of the organizations for which you recruit. You will also need to learn how to identify good job candidates and to persuade these candidates to sit for an interview with your organizational clients. Many people find that working in a business or non-profit environment can provide an excellent understanding of what makes a good employee as well as the needs of an employer.

After graduation from school or a few years at an entry-level job, try getting a job at an employment or recruitment agency. You may initially be relegated to fielding phone and e-mail inquiries from job seekers and performing initial screenings on potential candidates. Inform your supervisor that you you would like to become a non-profit recruiter so that he or she can match you with accounts in the non-profit sector. If you have the opportunity to attend industry meetings and conventions, take advantage of workshops and classes offered on recruiting for non-profit organizations and be sure to network with both presenters and attendees, as these contacts can lead to further job opportunities.



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