How Do I Become a Military Recruiter?

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The steps you will have to take to become a military recruiter may depend on the branch of the military for which you wish to recruit as well as the country of which you are a citizen. Most branches will require you to join the military, and some may expect you to achieve a minimum rank to qualify for this job. You will typically have to maintain an excellent standing to qualify for this position as well, and successfully complete a recruiter training program.

To become a military recruiter, you will first have to join the military. The branches from which you may choose vary from country to country, as does the procedure for becoming a recruiter. Still, most military branches will require you to join the branch of the military for which you want to recruit.

You will most likely need experience to achieve this title. This makes sense, as you are less likely to convince others to join the military if you have no practical experience. The amount of experience you will need, however, is likely to depend on the branch of the military. If your experience comes from previous enlistment in the military but you are no longer enlisted, you will likely have to rejoin before you can become a recruiter.


Some branches may also have ranking requirements you'll have to meet to become a military recruiter. For example, some only accept non-commissioned officers with ranks above a certain level for this position. Since each branch's requirements may vary, however, it's probably not a good idea to assume you won't qualify based on what you've learned about one branch. Instead, it makes sense to research the specific requirements of the branch of the military you have joined or are thinking of joining. Additionally, in some military operations, you may receive a recommendation for this position even if you are not an officer.

Your standing in the military is another important consideration when you are hoping to become a military recruiter. In most cases, you will need an excellent service record to qualify for this position. It is important to keep in mind that your service record may count as far back as your enlistment date, so even if your troubled record was from years ago, it may still hurt your chances.

Typically, there's a training program you have to complete to become a military recruiter. Your ability to begin work in this position depends on the successful completion of the training program. The length of training may vary between military branches.



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