How do I get a Recruitment Job?

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There are four steps to get a recruitment job: post-secondary training, related work experience, submit your application, and completing the job interview process. There are two types of recruitment jobs: military service and employment recruiter. A military service recruiter works for the military, actively looking for and contacting eligible candidates to join the military. An employment recruiter works with employers to help them find and hire new employees.

People who are naturally outgoing, enjoy interacting with a wide range of people, and are self-motivated report the greatest satisfaction with this career. A recruiter can work for an employment firm, executive recruitment firm, or different branches of the military. There are a wide range of recruitment firms available, and they are usually focused either by job type or industry.

For example, a headhunting firm is a recruiting firm that is only interested in executive or senior management positions. A technology focused firm is actively recruiting for companies in the information technology sector. These positions can range from senior management to a specific technical skill.

Post-secondary training is recommended to qualify for a recruitment job. Most executive search firms will require a bachelor's degree, while all other firms will accept a diploma from a community college. There is no training program to become a recruiter. Post-secondary education can be in any field, ranging from English to chemistry. Military recruitment jobs are only available to people who are in the military.


Related work experience to get a recruitment job includes working in sales, human resources department, or customer service. Any position that requires interaction with others, sales or service provision will be very helpful in this career. Many candidates volunteer to work in large, charitable organizations to gain valuable business contacts, as well as to practice their sales strategies.

A recruitment job is typically listed in the newspaper or on a job listing website. It is important to remember that there is a certain amount of activity required to become a recruiter. A successful strategy might be to look up the major recruitment firms in your area, or in an industry where you have working experience. Submit a letter indicating your interest in the firm, and arrange a business meeting. This type of job requires a significant amount of self motivation, and it is important to demonstrate that to potential employers.

When preparing for the interview process, remember that the position of recruiter includes interviewing others. Make sure that you have your answers ready, and you are calm, organized, and in control. Have a list of questions prepared for the interviewer and remain focused on the task at hand.



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