How Do I Become a Group Operations Manager?

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A group operations manager is usually responsible for an organization's internal operations, planning, policy-making, and purchasing. They work in many different private industries as well as in the public sector. Two common ways to properly prepare oneself to become a group operations manager are to undergo the appropriate educational training and to gain enough knowledge of a business or industry based on experience to be considered for such a position. Depending on the industry, a bachelor's degree may be required in a discipline specific to that industry. In some industries higher education may not be required, allowing the position to be attained based on the individual's experience and knowledge.

Transportation and retail are two types of industries that generally do not require a college degree in order to become a group operations manager. Even so, the individual needs to possess certain important traits and skills. Leadership, management, communications, negotiation and organizational abilities can help one to become a group operations manager and to advance without a college degree in these businesses and others.


In certain industries, a college degree may help an individual advance into a management position and become a group operations manager more quickly. The degree may be in management, business administration, liberal arts, or even a discipline specific to the industry that the individual would like to work within. A management or business may degree help one to find work in many different industries and offers many possibilities. A degree specific to an industry may limit the possibilities outside of that industry, but the compensation may be better.

There are online college degree programs that one can complete to become a group operations manager. In addition to the business and management programs, online degree programs specifically for operations managers are available. Costs and availability vary, so depending on the industry one wishes to inter into as a group operations manager, so prior research is necessary.

Various programs are available to obtain certification for management skills as well. These programs focus on management, planning, organization, and leadership. These four points are common modules that one has to complete before taking an assessment exam. An individual usually obtains certification upon passing the exam. Certifications enhance one's resume and may offer an advantage when compared to other candidates for a group operations manager position.

Individuals interested in careers in the public sector have many possibilities. One can become a group operations manager by completing a degree in public or business administration. In some cases, licensing may be necessary, especially if the individual is applying for a position in the fields of engineering, medicine, or law.



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