What Does a Group Operations Manager Do?

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A group operations manager is a person who oversees staff that is part of a large segment of a company’s operations. This individual additionally determines how these company operations occur and works to improve the operations that he or she oversees. Being a group operations manager requires strong attention to detail, solid organizational skills, and strong communication skills. Leaders in the industry typically must have four-year bachelor’s degrees in an area such as business, as well as experience leading subordinates on teams. A two-year master’s degree makes a group operations manager more attractive to companies.

One significant task of a group operations manager is to create a plan for the business for which he or she works. Not only must he or she develop this plan and target objectives for the company, but he or she also has to organize how various employees participate in the achievement of specific company goals. Implementing change initiatives additionally is important when a company needs to alter its approach to a given task. A group operations manager must also have knowledge of lean manufacturing principles, which emphasizes completing company activities more efficiently.


Another important duty of a person who manages company operations is to supervise the activities of employees in big company departments. Group operations managers are responsible for hiring, firing, and training activities. In addition, he or she also needs to communicate regional, national, and company regulations relevant to the company’s operations to employees, as well as ensure that employees operate in line with these rules. The manager additionally must be able to motivate employees and encourage teamwork.

Overseeing a company budget is a valuable part of the group leader’s role at a company. The group operations manager should not only be able to read and develop a budget, but also create budget reports and forecast whether the company will meet budget requirements. Additional needs include determining how much funding to put toward various activities designed to help the company to meet its operational goals.

In addition to handling customer service and product issues, a group operations manager must also build relationships with other important people at the company. Solving problems related to the business’ product line and introducing processes to improve these products are significant responsibilities. Collaborating with other company departments on projects when necessary also is critical for the company’s overall success.



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