What are the Different Operations Manager Careers?

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There are three different operations manager careers: consultancy, working for large company, and teaching. An operations manager is typically responsible for the day-to-day operations of a company or department. This role is found in a wide range of industries, from retail to information technology. Although the term is quite broad, in general, the operations manager is the person able to make decisions to resolve operational issues. This position is usually considered a senior management one, with several different managers reporting to this role, depending on the size of the company.

The path to operations manager careers is quite varied from an educational standpoint. There is no degree or diploma program in operations management. Instead, the vast majority of candidates have completed post-secondary training in management, business, accounting, or a related field. For specialized areas, where additional technical skills are necessary, the management training is often at the graduate level, through a master's in business administration (MBA).


A growing number of operations managers open their own private practices. Working as independent consultants, they provide their expertise to a variety of firms, government agencies, and companies. These companies may be small, entrepreneurial firms that are expanding and need advice, or large corporations looking for an unbiased option. It is important to note that this type of business is best for people who have experienced a long and successful career as an operations manager. Many top executives take retirement packages and then open their own firms.

There are a broad range of operations manager careers available in a large company. The type of company and industry varies widely, but these jobs will typically be found in manufacturing, service, and retail operations. The role of operations manager is uncommon in the health care or education sector, as there is a different organizational structure.

Operations manager careers can include becoming an instructor at local community or career colleges, teaching courses to business students, technologists, or skilled trades. Understanding the role of the operations manager is essential when entering the workforce, as this role is the key decision-maker on daily issues. In order to become an instructor, many professionals complete a certificate program in adult education. Learning the most effective way to teach adults can be a huge help when making this career transition.

Most people develop their operations manager careers by moving up through their company. This can occur in almost all sectors. In many industries, academic credentials are necessary to secure your first job, but experience becomes more important over time. People who want to explore this type of career need to obtain experience in the different areas of the firm, learning about the processes, issues, and concerns of each area. This type of experience is often the determining factor when looking to select a new operations manager.



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