How do I Become a District Supervisor?

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For people who currently are working as a technician or field agent, the next career step typically is to become a district supervisor. This role is found in a wide range of different industries, primarily those that are service-based. Responsibilities of a district supervisor usually include problem resolution, staff supervision, and interaction with clients. Depending on the organization size and the type of organization, this position may require a significant amount of travel within the district.

There are no specific education guidelines to become a district supervisor. In general, the level of required training is industry-specific. For example, a position in an engineering or mechanical firm may require all field or technical staff to hold an engineering degree. As this training is required for all technicians, candidates who want to become a district supervisor also will have these credentials.

Communication and problem-solving skills are important for anyone in this role. Most people obtain these skills during the course of his or her career. However, there are a wide range of seminars and courses available to fill this knowledge gap in a shorter period of time. These types of soft skills always can be improved, and many people take courses throughout his or her career.


Experience managing a team of people is very important for anyone who aspires to become a district supervisor. These skills can be obtained over a lifetime of leadership roles, from camp counselor to team leader. As with all skills, there are certain mistakes that must be made. It is best to make these errors early on, when the consequences are less severe.

The best way to become a district supervisor typically is through promotional opportunities available within your current firm. This allows management to observe your skills over time and in a variety of circumstances. An additional benefit is your in-depth knowledge of the business practices and procedures of the firm. There is a great deal of financial and organizational efficiencies that can be obtained by utilizing existing staff for future opportunities.

People who are interested in this position tend to have an outgoing personality, enjoy working with a range of different people, and have the ability to communicate well, both orally and in writing. The hours required in this position can be quite long, and the travel requirement can have a negative impact on family life over the long term. Rewards for this position typically are financial, with a combination of high compensation and excellent benefits and bonuses.



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