How do I Become a Certified Managerial Accountant?

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A managerial accountant is a professional who is responsible for gathering and preparing documents and financial statements that are used in the development of business decisions and strategies. When a managerial accountant is certified, he or she has passed a particular exam designed to test proficiency in a number of relevant skills and kinds of knowledge, such as financial planning and analysis. In order to become a certified managerial accountant, your first step should be to find out which kind of educational or professional requirements you need to have met prior to taking the exam. Next, it is important to register for the exam and to take steps in preparing to score well.

Before you register for certification, it can be helpful to learn what credentials you need to have in order to become a certified managerial accountant. In some cases college degrees or credits may be necessary to register. Other kinds of certification may require a certain number of years of professional experience. Some kinds of certification require that candidates first register with a particular organization.


Once you have made sure that you have acquired the necessary credentials, it might be advisable to register early for the exam. Many tests are taken on computers in designated testing centers. After locating the testing center that is closest to you or easiest to access, your next step should be to study available times and choose the slot that you are most comfortable with. Aspiring certified accountants often choose times that are not squeezed into an otherwise busy day so that they have time to study and prepare prior to taking the test.

More often than not, a fee is required in order to become a certified managerial accountant. The sum of the fee required will vary depending on the certification you are planning to secure. Make sure that you know the deadline for payment and that you have made room for the fee in your budget.

The test is considered by many to be difficult, so it can be helpful to spend months or weeks leading up to the exam studying and perhaps taking training courses. In many contexts, a minimum score is necessary in order to become a certified managerial accountant. A method preferred by many is to look at an exam overview and decide which sections they need to dedicate the most time to.

A number of different methods exist for preparing for managerial accountant certification. Courses taught by experienced professionals can be potentially expensive, but many experts believe that the training from these professionals is most helpful. Other students may prefer to study alone with preparation books and online tutorials.



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