How do I Become a Certified Accountant?

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The requirements a person must meet to become a certified accountant often depends on where he lives and the type of certification he seeks. In many countries, there is more than one type of certification from which a person may choose. Generally, however, a person who seeks accountant certification usually has to meet requirements regarding related education and training, pay a fee, and pass an examination or a series of exams. Some certifying authorities also require those who gain certification to earn continuing education credits as a condition for certification renewal.

A person who wants to become a certified account may do well to learn the exact requirements in his jurisdiction. This may mean contacting accountant associations and certifying organizations to obtain detailed information. By requesting certification guidelines, a person can learn more about the specific types of certifications that are available to him and choose one that fits his goals. Then, he may work toward fulfilling the unique requirements for the credential he seeks.


Usually, a person who wants to become a certified accountant seeks education in preparation for earning his credential. Some types of certification require individuals to earn bachelor's degrees in accounting, finance, or a related field. Others may not require degrees, but require applicants to complete a minimum number of hours of education in the field. For example, a person may need a bachelor's degree and many hours of education in accounting, finance, and business topics, or he may need long accounting experience to become a certified public accountant. On the other hand, a person may become a chartered certified accountant without earning a college degree.

Some accounting certification organizations require applicants to have significant related work experience before they can earn their credentials. Often, an individual has to gain this experience under the supervision of a certified accountant. In some cases, a person's employer may even provide training and preparation help as he works toward becoming a certified accountant.

A person who wants to become a certified accountant usually has to pass an exam as part of the certification process. In fact, there are some types of accounting certification that require the applicant to complete more than 10 different exams. In many cases, however, a person may spread his examinations out, so that he does not have to complete them all in a short period of time.

It is worth noting that a person who wants to become a certified accountant may look to a number of different organizations for options. In some places, certain types of certification are regulated by the government, and eligibility information may be obtained by contacting the jurisdiction's board of accountancy or similar entity. A person may also find a number of professional organizations that certify accountants within the same jurisdiction. Additionally, he may even find organizations that provide international certification for eligible applicants.



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