What is a Certified Chartered Accountant?

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A certified chartered accountant is a person who is a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), located in London, England, and has earned his accounting credential through this organization. An individual with this title may work for public, corporate, or private organizations, helping create, implement, and maintain accounting systems. A person in this field may also provide financial analysis and forecasting, audit records, and help with the investigations of accounting errors or inconsistencies. An individual with this title may also produce financial reports and budget documents.

A person who becomes a certified chartered accountant has the option of working in any sector. He may choose to work for a large organization, even one that is multinational, a mid-sized business, or even a small, local firm. While a person may secure an accounting job without earning the ACCA qualification, he may have more opportunities and more chance for advancement if he becomes a certified charted accountant. An individual isn't limited to working only in the United Kingdom when he becomes a certified chartered accountant. The ACCA credential is respected in more than 170 different countries.

Many certified charted accountants work in the corporate sector. For example, a person who has earned this title may work for a commercial company in the pharmaceutical field or in manufacturing. A certified chartered accountant may also work in the public sector, such as for a government agency or for a health or educational institution; he may even work for a charity organization. Some people in this field may opt to work in the financial services sector instead, such as for an insurance broker or a fund management agency. Additionally, a certified chartered account may choose to go into private practice, working for a small accounting firm or an international organization.

An individual who becomes a certified chartered accountant often works between 35 and 40 hours each week if he is employed full time. This work is typically performed during daylight hours, though an individual may sometimes find it necessary to work evenings or weekends in order to meet important deadlines. Certified chartered accountants also find part-time opportunities, and some even participate in job sharing or work from home. Most people in this field work in an office environment, though some may spend time traveling to their clients in order to conduct audits.

To become a certified chartered accountant, a person has to meet the requirements set by the ACCA. This includes passing ACCA exams and securing a minimum of three years of practical experience. An individual interested in this credential has to take an online ethics module as well.


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