How do I Become a Certified Tax Accountant?

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In order to become a certified tax accountant it is important that you are naturally adept in math and that you have an analytical mind. Plan to earn a bachelor’s degree or higher in accounting and, if possible, intern for another accountant while you are in college to gain experience and a good understanding of the field. In order to become a certified tax accountant you must also become certified through the appropriate governing agency where you plan to work.

In addition to having a high math aptitude, you will need to be computer literate to become a certified tax accountant. Much of the work you will perform for clients will be done on a computer using special software. You must also be organized and have a talent for analyzing figures, as well as accurately interpreting them in a timely fashion.

When you become a certified tax accountant, you will spend a good deal of your time working with clients. It is therefore necessary that you have strong communication skills and that you are able to explain complex calculations in a way that your clients will be able to understand. Certified tax accountants must also be prepared to work with diverse populations, answer a lot of questions and build relationships to secure repeat business from clients.


Majoring in accounting at the university level will help you eventually become a certified tax accountant. Other majors, such as finance, business or economics, may lead to a career in accounting, as well. Even after obtaining a bachelor’s degree to become a certified tax accountant, however, be prepared to engage in continuing education courses throughout your career in order to stay abreast of the latest accounting technology, laws and general practices.

After completing your degree, depending upon where you live you may need to complete additional training before you can expect to become a certified tax accountant. In some areas, a minimum of 150 classroom hours of additional, very specific accountant training are required. You will also need to become licensed or certified by the appropriate governing agency in your area. Certification is earned by passing an examination with a satisfactory score in order to demonstrate your competency in tax accounting. During the course of your career, you may also be required to obtain other certifications to advance in the accounting field.



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