How do I Become a Baby Photographer?

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The process to become a baby photographer is not altogether unlike what is necessary to become any other type of photographer: you should have knowledge and experience regarding photography and an interest in your subject matter. Sports photographers are often people interested in sports, glamour and fashion photographers are people with an interest in and an eye for fashion, and baby photographers are no different. If you do not inherently at least like babies and infants, then you may not want to consider this as a career. On the other hand, if you love babies and have an interest or passion for photography, then you may want to try to become a baby photographer.

Baby photographers are people who, typically, specialize in taking pictures of babies, infants, and newborns. With such a potentially squirmy and difficult subject, this is usually not a career for someone who lacks patience or the ability to improvise while photographing something. Sleeping babies may provide an easier subject, but many parents want to see the facial expressions and looks that their child only has on his or her face while awake.


The difference between a professional baby photographer and an amateur is that the professional is typically paid for the pictures that are taken. To become a baby photographer you may find it helpful to take photography classes to better learn how to utilize different lenses, lighting styles, and methods of photography. With modern computer technology and digital imaging software so often involved in photography, you may also consider a class in the use of such programs. You might also find it helpful to work as an apprentice to an established professional photographer to gain better insight into the industry and start to build some experience. The only real necessity to become a baby photographer, however, is a camera and the desire to take pictures of babies.

Many professional photographers suggest focusing on taking pictures of things that you are interested in or love. If you are a person who inherently does not like babies, then it may be difficult for you to capture the qualities of a baby that his or her parents love so much. Having experience in child care or working with babies may give you more opportunities to work with them and teach you some tricks for working with a baby as a photographic subject.

With the advent of the Internet and subsequent ease of setting up a website to show off your work, you may consider trying to build a name for yourself through online communities. If you have friends who recently had babies, offer to take pictures of their child and consider every such opportunity as a way to build your portfolio. You may work for free at first, but these experiences can help you become a baby photographer.



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