How Do I Become a Newborn Photographer?

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If your interest in photography has you thinking about turning pro, you will need to consider a few important aspects of the job before you become a newborn photographer. You will first need to develop skills communicating with parents of newborns, and you will need to be patient with both the parents and the child. Unlike other types of photography, newborn photography will leave you little room for instructing the model, as the newborn cannot take commands. This means you will need to be patient and savvy when it comes to posing the child.

Before you become a newborn photographer, you will need to learn as much as possible about photography techniques and you will need to invest a fair amount of money into quality equipment. Some photographers choose to attend school to be trained in photography, while others choose to learn photography techniques on their own through practice and trial and error. Whichever path you choose to help you become a newborn photographer, you will need to practice daily and research as much as possible about techniques, equipment, and lighting.


Once you have a solid understanding of photography techniques, it will be time to practice shooting photos of newborns. You may need to do a fair amount of free work if you want to become a newborn photographer, as you will need to build your portfolio so you can show it to potential paying clients down the road. Doing this is fine, as long as you are getting the shots you need to perfect your technique and build a portfolio worthy of showing off to potential customers on a website or in a print photo album. While you are practicing, remember that the use of strobes and flashes may not be the best idea, as the bright lights are likely to upset the infant. Try shooting in natural light and well lit rooms to ensure high quality photos for your portfolio.

The most difficult step in the process will be marketing yourself and acquiring new clients. As a businessperson, you will need to do a marketing campaign that reaches your target audience. Think about magazines you might be able to place an ad in, or think about mailers or door hangers to get the word out about your new business. A visit to a baby or maternity clothing store might yield bulletin board space where you can hang a poster.



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