What are the Different Freelance Photographer Jobs?

A freelance photographer works on assignment and on personal projects, rather than being hired full-time by an organization such as a newspaper. Freelance photographer jobs can often be tailored to suit the interests of the photographer. Whether the aspiring photographer wants to work in photojournalism, fashion, nature photography, or portraiture, freelance photographer jobs can help him or her gain needed experience, new clients, and public exposure.

Many freelance photographer jobs can be quite lucrative, as in the case of wedding photography. By setting up a website with a few portfolios, a photographer can start offering their services to engaged couples. Photographing weddings, rehearsal dinners, receptions, and showers can bring in quite a bit of money, with prices starting at about $500 US Dollars (USD) for many photography packages.

Young photographers can often find work in the world of school pictures. Many schools continue the old tradition of having individual pictures taken of each student for inclusion in yearbooks and class pictures. Assisting a busy school photographer can provide experience dealing with customers and practice taking portraits. Typically, school pictures are taken in the first two or three months of the school year, so this can be a steady few months of income for a freelancer.


Many freelance photographer jobs work on assignment from newspapers or magazines. While they may not be full time employees, their services may be requested on different jobs that fit their talents and available equipment. Working on assignment may be a bit unstable, yet it gives opportunities for a constantly changing workplace. For people who find themselves restless going to the same job day after day, freelance photographer jobs based on assignments can provide much needed excitement.

Some freelance photographer jobs require the photographer to view him or herself as an artist rather than a craftsman. By attempting to create photographic art, a photographer can use their artistic ability to make their career. Nature, landscape, and model photographers can all display or sell their work just like a painter can. By arranging shows in galleries and art stores, a freelance photographer can reach a broad audience, make new contacts, and be taken seriously as an artist.

Freelance photographer jobs may take perseverance and patience to track down. Making a living at the outset is not always easy, but with talent and proper equipment, a lucrative career is possible. One of the most important modern ways to attract attention is to have a well-organized website with portfolios of work. With ingenuity and willingness, plentiful jobs may arise for those dedicated to the freedom of a freelance life.



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