Why Should I Use a Career Development Center?

Tess C. Taylor
Tess C. Taylor
Businessman with a briefcase
Businessman with a briefcase

The process of choosing a new career or changing careers can be confusing. When faced with this challenge, it can be a wise decision to use a career development center. In addition to providing local job leads, a career development center can offer the tools and resources needed to be successful in achieving greater career satisfaction.

Career development centers are designed to meet the needs of citizens looking for new careers following graduation, unemployment or a mid-life career change. Career centers provide a wide range of services to help the job seeker select and achieve new job opportunities. In addition, career development centers provide training and tools to make the job search more productive.

In many communities and on college campuses around the world, career development centers provide on-site support and resources for job seekers. Some of the services include employment skills and aptitude testing that help job seekers match their talents to actual careers, resume and cover letter help, and career counseling. In addition, career development specialists are there to encourage and support job seekers as they apply and interview for new jobs.

Anyone seeking a new career can benefit from the support and services offered by a career development center. Oftentimes, new job seekers are confused about what the requirements are for jobs they are interested in. Career development representatives can assist with this process, identifying key skills, educational requirements and other needs to pursue particular types of work as well as offering alternatives when needed.

At the college or university level, career development centers are designed to support students working towards a degree in their chosen field. Student advisors monitor the progress of students to ensure coursework is completed and goals are met so that students have the best chance of being successful as they train for a new career. At graduation, career development center representatives offer career referrals to area employers to provide entry-level jobs and internships to help new graduates gain work experience.

When employment is obtained, career development agents in the human resources department are there to guide employees with career and professional development within the organization. Employees are provided with training and counseling as a career path is established and additional opportunities present themselves to workers. In addition, career development agents provide continual on-the-job training to employees and often support higher educational goals.

For the person changing careers, signing up with a career development center can be a helpful resource in exploring new careers. A local career center can provide training for job skills, interviewing and resume support and educational resources for career changers. In addition, career development centers offer frequent job postings from area employers that may not be readily available through other channels.

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    • Businessman with a briefcase
      Businessman with a briefcase