What Should I Include on a Teaching Curriculum Vitae?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen
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When creating a teaching curriculum vitae (CV), you should include any information pertinent to your professional or educational experience as a teacher. This includes information you would traditionally include on a résumé, such as the schools you attended and places where you have experience as a teacher, as well as information you might not otherwise include on a résumé. Such information includes where you have worked as a student teacher, where you performed your practicum and teacher observations, and any organizations you may have joined while in school. Your teaching curriculum vitae should also include information about your teaching pedagogy and educational philosophy.

A teaching curriculum vitae is a document that demonstrates your experience and attitudes regarding education and teaching. Rather than the single page limit that is often adhered to for writing a résumé, a CV is often two or more pages in length, which means you can provide greater detail on your CV. You should typically consider where your greatest strengths lie, such as in your education or your professional experience, and emphasize this aspect on your teaching curriculum vitae. If you are fresh out of college or graduate school, for example, then you might focus on your education unless you have extensive professional experience you gained while in school.

You should also include information on your teaching curriculum vitae that provides a reader with information about your personality and work ethic. If you are a member of any honors societies or were on the dean’s list while in college, then you should indicate these accomplishments. Similarly, you may want to indicate college organizations or programs that you were a part of, especially if these demonstrate leadership or who you are as a person. If you have published research in an academic field, then you may also want to include information about this work on your teaching curriculum vitae.

Your teaching curriculum vitae can also be used as a platform to express your educational philosophy and teaching pedagogy. If, for example, you prefer experiential learning and the role of a teacher as a facilitator in education, then you should indicate this preference and support why you feel this way. While your teaching curriculum vitae is not the place for arguments about teaching methods, you should present your personal approach and teaching philosophy in a well-developed manner. This can help ensure that any potential employers who read your CV understand how you approach education and help you find a school in which you can thrive and succeed more easily.

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    • Businessman giving a thumbs-up
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