What are the Different Curriculum Vitae Styles?

Felicia Dye

There are several curriculum vitae (CV) styles, including functional, which prioritizes skills and relevant experience. A chronological CV tends to spotlight employers and lengths of service. The combination curriculum vitae blends these two styles together. A targeted CV is one that is commonly drafted specifically for a certain position within a particular company.

Businessman giving a thumbs-up
Businessman giving a thumbs-up

A functional curriculum vitae is one that highlights the experience and skills that a person has developed. This type of CV is generally used when a person would like to show that she has abilities or expertise that will be applicable in the position that she is applying for. This is one of the curriculum vitae styles that is a good choice when a substantial amount of the skills and experience that a person has are from unpaid efforts, such as school or volunteering.

In a functional CV, there is a section where employers are listed along with a person's dates of service. The focus of this type of CV, however, is to show what a person can do instead of highlighting who she has done it for. The most important section of this document, which is also generally the first section, is a personal profile. The profile may include some of an applicant's personal traits if they are relevant.

Drafting a chronological CV involves listing both work history and education history in reverse chronological order. Company names, position titles, and duties should be outlined in an easy-to-read manner. A potential employer should be able to obtain an impression of an applicant after a quick glance. Although chronological is one of the most common curriculum vitae styles, it may not be the best choice for everyone. Examples of people who may want to consider another type of CV include individuals who want to change career paths and those who have an unstable work history.

A combination CV is so called because it borrows features from both the chronological and functional curriculum vitae styles. It is like a functional CV in that it begins with a profile that is designed to spotlight a person's qualifications. It mimics the chronological resume by providing detailed descriptions of the roles and duties performed in each position that a person has held. This is one of the the curriculum vitae styles that is most suitable for a person with significant and substantial skills, experience, and achievements. Documents prepared according to this style tend to be lengthy.

The targeted curriculum vitae is generally used when applicants have a substantial amount of knowledge in a particular field and about a particular job vacancy. The applicants who use this style usually have their focus set on a specific company and a particular opening. Through the information provided in the document, individuals will display that they understand their potential employer and the requirements of the job that they are seeking. A well-written targeted CV usually contains only the relevant qualifications, experience, and skills.

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