What Should I Consider When Choosing a Wedding Cake?

Diana Bocco

The wedding cake is one of the central items of the wedding reception. No matter what kind of party you have planned, guests always remember a wedding cake. Because the wedding cake is central to many of the photographs taken during a wedding, it's important that you choose a design that you enjoy, so you can look back on the "cake-cutting moment" with a happy face. When choosing a wedding cake, there are several steps you should take to make the whole process a success.

Using a theme color for the cake's decorations is common for wedding cakes.
Using a theme color for the cake's decorations is common for wedding cakes.

Make sure you know the how and when of your wedding. An outdoor summer wedding is not the ideal atmosphere for a chocolate mousse cake, and things involving ice cream are a definitive no-no. Some caterers have a portfolio divided by season, so you can decide which type of wedding cake is the best for the date of your wedding.

Before you even approach a caterer, you need to make a few decisions regarding your wedding cake. First, decide on size. This depends mainly on the number of guests, so make sure you know the exact count. Try also to have a general idea of the design you want. Do you prefer a classic cake of several tiers or do you want something completely different? Would you like a wedding cake to match the color or d├ęcor of your wedding? Deciding this beforehand will make the actual choosing of the cake much easier.

Once you are ready to talk to a caterer, set a consultation so you can discuss design style, size, flavors, and especially accents and wedding cake toppers. Do not wait until the end to discuss price. Make sure you understand from the beginning what is included in the price quoted: Is there a delivery fee or are you supposed to pick up the wedding cake? What about setting up the cake on the reception hall? Do you need to pay extra for the wedding cake stand or is this a loan that you must return?

Finally, insist on seeing a portfolio, or at least single photographs of the caterer's past work. If the person is just starting, ask for references. Do not settle for the cheapest caterer, but do give the chance to somebody who has a smaller portfolio but a lot of references from happy customers.

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A couple also needs to consider budget. Cakes are expensive! If they need to serve a good many people, but can't afford a huge cake, one idea that has gained popularity is to have frosted sheet cakes in the same flavor as the wedding cake, to cut and serve for guests, with a smaller wedding cake for the couple to cut at the reception for pictures.

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