What Should I Consider When Choosing a Portrait Studio?

Sherry Holetzky

You want to have a portrait made, but you are not sure which portrait studio to choose. How can you figure out which one will best suit your needs? The best way is to visit a portrait studio or two. Don't forget to ask lots of questions. It may be a good idea to write your questions down so you don't forget what you want to ask.

When choosing a portrait studio it's important to consider the moods and styles of the studio's work.
When choosing a portrait studio it's important to consider the moods and styles of the studio's work.

Many portrait studios offer a gallery of previous work. Observe the displayed photos carefully to see if the style and quality are what you have in mind. Does each image appear to be a professional, high quality photograph? Look carefully to make sure each photo is well centered. Colors should be bright and the photo should be well lit and well focused. As importantly, each image should capture the personality, charm or beauty of the subject.

Inquire whether you will be allowed to select the background of your choice, and ask to see each of the backgrounds that the portrait studio offers. This will also help you decide what to wear or dress your family in, when having the portrait made. Sometimes a portrait studio will offer a package deal, and such deals often limit the choice of background. If this is the case with the portrait studio you have chosen, it is best to know in advance so you will not be disappointed.

Good service will obviously go a long way in helping you choose a portrait studio but cost is also an important consideration. Find out if there are sitting fees, fees for background changes and additional poses, or fees for adding props to the photographs. A portrait studio may charge minimal amounts for such items, but in some cases, fees are quite pricey. These items can really add up, so make sure you are aware of every additional fee ahead of time.

Ask if you can preview proofs of each photo before you buy anything. Some portrait studios will allow you to choose which images you prefer to have in your package and will even allow you to "build" your own package, assuring that you get plenty of pictures in the sizes you want and need. A portrait studio that allows you to choose is one that is more likely to provide excellent customer service and quality photos. Such studios inspire repeat business and should earn a top spot on your list of choices.

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