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What Should I Consider When Buying Truck Rims?

Carol Francois
Carol Francois

Truck rims are used to mount tires and attach them to the tire axle of the vehicle. There are four things that you should consider when buying truck rims: material, price, style, and weight. All four items have impact on the performance of the truck and your overall satisfaction.

There are two types of truck rims: performance and functional. A performance rim is designed to enhance the appearance and styling of the vehicle. The rim is typically made of chrome or other shiny metal. The tire size is usually larger than the owner's manual recommendation, as this is a part of the visual appeal.

A truck's speedometer must be recalibrated if the owner changes the tire size when buying truck rims.
A truck's speedometer must be recalibrated if the owner changes the tire size when buying truck rims.

A functional tire rim is designed to meet specific requirements for use in different types of weather and road conditions. The rims can be larger or smaller than the standard rims and provide an opportunity to use thicker tires designed for winter or rough terrain. When purchasing new truck rims, new tires must also be purchased.

If you change the dimensions of the tire, both the speedometer and the weight capacity of the vehicle must be adjusted. The speedometer will need to be recalibrated to adjust for the difference in wheel circumference. The weight capacity may have increased or decreased, depending on the new size of the tires and rims.

When selecting new truck rims, check the material used. Chrome or platinum rims are for style and appearance purposes. They require regular maintenance to maintain the same degree of shine and luster. Steel or aluminum rims are less expensive and are better suited for a working truck.

Chrome rims range in price from $100 to $600 US Dollars (USD) each. Tires must be added to the rims, increasing the price. Steel or aluminum rims range in price from $35 to $100 USD each. Think about the life span of the rims and how you plan to use them when making this decision.

Specially designed truck rims are the last piece added to a customized truck to improve the appearance. If your truck is used for construction or material movement work, these rims will not improve the appearance of your truck. The weight capacity of any vehicle is based on the structural frame and the tire and rim size. The weight of the vehicle itself and any other materials is distributed along the length of the vehicle and must be supported by the tires and rims. Check the rating on the rims before making your purchase.

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@Feryll - As you say, the handling changes when you add bigger tires on a vehicle, but that's just something you get used to. The larger truck rims are just as safe as the smaller or regular size ones. Actually, wider rims and tires are safer because they give you more traction. That;s why they are so popular in places that get a lot of snow and rain.


I have a neighbor who has a SUV that has the over-sized truck rims on it. She bought the truck from a guy who was desperate to get rid of it because he couldn't afford to keep the truck up anymore. Anyway, heads always turn when she drives the SUV. This is partly because of the size of the truck and the tires and also because my neighbor is in her 60s.

She bought it to drive on the beach during the summer, and to drive in the ice and snow during the winter. It's a cool truck, but the handling is a bit off. When you put the big rims on, the way the vehicle drives changes, especially when you get to speeds over 50 miles an hour.


Where I grew up, we were more concerned with how much work a truck could do. Sure we wanted our trucks to look good, but the main thing was that they got the job done. The big truck rims you see make the trucks look more impressive and the higher ground clearance comes in handy for some off road driving, but the trade off isn't worth it.

Those big rims mean that your gas mileage is going to be even worse than usual with a truck. All that extra air flowing under the truck is going to create drag. So, if gas mileage means anything to you, think twice before you buy those expensive big rims.

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    • A truck's speedometer must be recalibrated if the owner changes the tire size when buying truck rims.
      By: Matt
      A truck's speedometer must be recalibrated if the owner changes the tire size when buying truck rims.